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Agent jugs

agent jugs

18 Jan A Border Patrol spokesman says agents within Tucson sector are told not to remove or destroy water stations or food left along trails, adding. 24 Jan The footage, taken between and , showed Border Patrol agents kicking over water jugs that had been left in the desert. In one clip, a. 18 Jan US border patrol agents are routinely sabotaging water supplies left for migrants in the Arizona desert, condemning them to death.

Agent jugs -

No More Deaths last week gave news organizations videos taken between andmostly by cameras at its desert camp. The group also said it had an agreement gay clinic mamada the Border Patrol dating to not to interfere with humanitarian-aid efforts. In recent years, south Texas has become the busiest corridor for illegal crossings and also the most deadly. The men coordinated a ride with a person agent jugs a white van, agent jugs took them to a Chevron station, where they used Wi-Fi to figure out where to go, the agents said in the complaint. Now the aid group is calling the arrest of one its volunteers suspicious.


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